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 Registered as a Charity in Scotland – Charity Number SC 027738

  Lewis & Harris Women’s Cancer Support Group


  October 2015

  Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM)

  BCA Workshops were held at various venues throughout Lewis & Harris, using the Pink Lady as our   Breast Awareness   tool.

  At a Special Meeting of all Group Members it was agreed unanimously to change the name of the Group to   its current name as noted in the Home Page.  

  November 2015

  OSCR authorised the name change after submitting the relevant Application and New Constitution.

  December 2015

  The Annual Christmas lunch was held on 17th December in the Boatshed, attended by most members and thoroughly enjoyed.

   January 2016

 Weekly meetings resumed

   March 2016

   Group AGM held in the Harris Hotel on 10th March with guest speaker Carole Bridge, Centre Head, Maggie’s Highland.

  April 2016

  Group members enjoyed a conducted tour of Lews Castle on Thursday 21st April, encompassing the new hotel and museum. The tour was organised and conducted by Iain MacLeod of CNES. A photograph of the Group is shown in the Gallery.

  On Friday 22nd April an Evening of Style & Fashion was held in the Cabarfeidh Hotel, organised by Eastgate Centre Management, Inverness with the proceeds going to the Group. The clothes from the various Fashion Stores in the Eastgate Centre were modelled by local male & female volunteers. Group members also helped to run the event and the total raised amounted to £2,250.

May 2016

Some Group members travelled to County Wicklow, Ireland for their summer outing and a good time was had by all.  

On the 19th of May, a Moving Forward course was held in the Harris Hotel for our Harris ladies recovering from their treatment. The course consisted of a selection of Complimentary Therapies and was enjoyed by all present.

On May 26th, Morven MacLeod, Project Officer for TCAT visited the Group to assess members regarding their Cancer Journey history in order to develop a programme to transform care after treatment (TCAT).

June 2016

On 9th June a Moving Forward course was held in the Caladh Inn for our members recovering from their treatment similar to that held in the Harris Hotel in May and again enjoyed by all present.

The Group received a very generous donation from the proceeds of the Carnival Charity Ball which was held on the 10th of June in Stornoway Town Hall.  The Group are very grateful to the Charity Ball Committee for being considered for this donation.

October 2016

On 3rd October, the Group Meeting was visited by staff from Save the Children Charity Shop with a display of Christmas merchandise, such as Christmas Cards etc, for group members to buy.

Also during Mod week, our Pink Lady was on display in Stornoway Town Centre promoting Breast Awareness Month.

On 26th October, a Breast Awareness Workshop was held NHS Western Isles Board Offices for Health Board staff.  On the same day, a Pink Day was held in the Board Offices where the staff contributed to raffles for our Group Funds, all led by Moira, their Fund Raiser.

November 2016

On 3rd November, a Breast Cancer Awareness promotion session was held in the Coop Store on Macaulay Road, which was a great success.

On 4th November, a Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop was held in CNES Offices in Tarbert Harris.

On 7th November, the Group were presented with a Donation of £300 by members of the NI 60th Reunion.  

Also on 7th November, the Group had the pleasure of having Adri MacLellan, NHS WI Nutritionist as our Guest Speaker. Adri gave an excellent talk on Diets relevant to post-Cancer treatment.

December 2016

On 13th December, the Group members enjoyed an excellent 4 Course Christmas Lunch in the Lewis Retirement Centre. The Lunch which was very well attended, was beautifully prepared and served by the staff of the Centre.

February 2017

 Scottish Breast Screening Programme

The 3-Yearly Mobile Breast Screening Programme commences in NHS WI on Monday February 6th 2017 and is based at WIH.

All ladies between the ages of 50 and 70 will receive an invitation to attend for a Mammogram.  Ladies over the age of 70 are encouraged to make an appointment by phoning the Highland Breast Centre, Telephone Number 01463 705416.

Mary MacLeod (Convener) of Lewis & Harris Women's Cancer Support Group (LHWCSG) stated the importance of being Breast Aware and encourages ladies of appropriate age to attend for screening.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women with around 4,500 new cases a year in Scotland and is most prevalent in women aged 50 and over.  

Complimentary Therapy Session

This was held in the Harris Hotel for those ladies recovering from Cancer treatment and consisting of Relaxation, Massage and Hairdressing provided by trained therapists and thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.  Lunch was provided by the Harris Hotel.

March 2017

  Annual General Meeting 2017

Over 30 members of the Group enjoyed an excellent lunch in Eleven Restaurant on Thursday 30th March before moving on to the Retirement Centre in Bayhead for their AGM at 2:30 PM.

Following the business matters of the AGM and the election of Office Bearers for 2017-2018 listed below:

 Convener:      Joan MacKay

 V.Convener:   Mary MacLeod

 Secretary:      Joan MacKay

 Treasurer:      Euna MacIver

 Committee: Rhoda MacKay, Chris Gillan, Marion Morrison, Dolly C Ferguson

the guest speaker, Carol Somerville, manager of Bethesda Hospice & Care Home gave an excellent Power Point presentation on their work since 1992 when it was first established. All present found the presentation very interesting and could relate to the important work carried out in the establishment through having friends and/or relatives cared for by the staff there over the years since it opened.   The Group would like to thank Carol for giving up her holiday time to do the presentation.

April 2017

On April 27th , two Members represented the Group at the Lung Cancer Conference held in the Caladh Inn and organised by WI Macmillan Cancer Support Team and found it very informative.

May 2017

On May 18th the Group donated a maxi-move hoist, a specialist nursing bed and a pump less cirrus mattress to Bethesda Hospice after which the Group Members were given a tour of the Care Home & Hospice by Carol Somerville, the General manager.

On May 20th, some Group members went to York for their annual outing.

On May 22nd , Group Trustee Mary MacLeod attended the Charity Regulator’s Meeting in the Cabarfeidh Hotel.

  Future Events:

   Date                                           Event                                        Venue

   16 October 2015                  Pink Lady (BCAM)                   Langabhat Medical Practice

   23 October 2015                  BCAM Workshop                     Leverburgh Care Home

   29 October 2015                  BCAM  Workshop                    Dun Berisay Care Home

   03 November 2015               BCAM Workshop                      DWP (Bank St)

   04 November 2015               Group Committee Meeting        Woodlands Centre

   17 December  2015               Group Christmas Lunch            Boatshed, Royal Hotel

   21 January 2016                  BCAM Workshop                      Nicolson Institute

   10 March 2016                     Group AGM                               Harris Hotel, 12 noon

   21 April  2016                      Conducted Tour                          Lews Castle Redevelopment 3 PM

                                                                                                      New Museum    3: 30 PM

   22 April  2016                     An Evening of Style &                 Cabarfeidh Hotel  7 PM

                                                Fashion by Eastgate

                                                Shopping Centre.

  19 May 2016                        Moving Forward Course             Harris Hotel. 10 AM

                                               (Health & Wellbeing)

   9 June 2016                         Ditto                                              Caladh Inn.  10 AM

  14 July 2016                         An Away Day to Timsgarry

   August - September             Summer Break

   3 October 2016                    Group Meeting                             Retirement Centre

                                                 Save the Children Staff Visit

    26 October  2016                 BCAM Workshop                      NHS WI  Offices

   3 November 2016                  BCAM Promotion                      Co-op Store

   4 November  2016                 BCAM Workshop                      CNES Offices, Tarbert

   7 November 2016                  Group Meeting                           Retirement Centre

                                                  Adri MacLellan   

    13  December 2016              Group Christmas Lunch              Retirement Centre

     21  February   2017             Complimentary Therapy              Harris Hotel


    30 March 2017                    AGM                                            Retirement Centre   2:30 PM