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 Registered as a Charity in Scotland – Charity Number SC 027738

  Lewis & Harris Women’s Cancer Support Group

  What does the Support Group do ?

  The Group meets on a weekly basis on Thursday afternoons between 2-4 p.m.in the Lewis Retirement Centre,   Bayhead, Stornoway.

  The primary objective of the Group is to support each other and this may consist of a range of activities such as:      *  Hospital visits  *  Home visits * Sending Flowers to ill members  * Various forms of support.

  Breast Cancer Awareness workshops are normally provided during the month of October, the Breast Awareness   month.

  Moving Forward Courses are held as and when required for ladies recovering from Cancer treatment.

   Other Activities

  Occasionally, the Group invites speakers to address members covering such diverse topics as for example

  Flower Arranging, Cookery Demonstrations and Information sessions on various aspects of Cancer Treatment.

  Social events are organised to help members and their loved ones to become more cohesive as a unit.

  Excursions are organised to various locations during summer months.

  Fund raising events are organised to help finance the smooth running of the Group.

  Group members are given the opportunity to attend Cancer conferences, allowing them to meet other support   groups and share experiences.